Welcome to our introductory and interactive online class offering an overview of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. Theory topics include philosophy, hair diagnosis, communication, usage, and point of difference between each product. Colourists will experience instruction on the complete colour product portfolio.



Increased knowledge of the crucial elements of colour and diagnosis to meet your client’s needs. Explore and gain a deep understanding of the COLOR.ME product portfolio. Learn how to achieve the perfect personalised colour result for your client.


All colourists new to COLOR.ME or new to colour.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction


    • Overview of Class

    • Intro to COLOR.ME

    • Core Principles

  • 2

    Color Foundation

    • Performance-Based Products

    • Naturally-Derived Ingredients

    • 3 Step Video

    • Naturally-Derived Ingredients Part 2

    • Client Consultation

    • Numbering System

    • COLOUR.WHEEL Video


  • 3

    COLOR.ME Range

    • Cream Activators

    • Special Page Shades

    • Boosters

    • Boosters Part 2

    • Toners

    • pH.D

    • Lighteners

  • 4


    • Application

  • 5


    • Thank You

    • KEVIN.MURPHY Social



Shelly Wilson

A salon owner from Chicago, Shelly has held leadership roles within the beauty industry for over a decade. Her years in the industry have given her a deep understanding of what is most important to stylists – and providing a positive and inspiring environment for her co-stylists has always been her top priority.
Inspired by how fashion and style influence the world around us, Shelly shares her love of fashion with other stylists, and by delivering education she has the ability to connect and motivate her fellow colourists, while creating a space for shared growth. She has worked with the KEVIN.MURPHY team on events including, SHOOT.ME Chicago, FUTURE.LOVE and FASHION.WEEK and with her personal connection to the core principles of the brand, alongside the endless possibilities that COLOR.ME offers, Shelly is excited for all that is to come in her role as a DIAMOND.KEY.